Brexit means entering the bond market

The equity market churn with a volatility that’s almost nonexistent is creating huge moves in the bond pits. As stocks move in a range for the last week or so and the VIX moving toward single digits, the 10-year note is trading at 2.3%. This is about where it was right after the election when […]

Will bond market Trump historic stock run up?

Thursday I wrote about how the stock market’s move higher seem out of proportion to where the US and global economies are. In the first 30 days after the election the S&P 500 is up 5% the best stock index move ever after a presidential election. The Dow Jones index is up 7% over the […]

Bond market is the best poll

There’s a bond market sell off going on the past week. The US 10-year note has increased in yield from 1.72% last Friday to 1.86% this morning. In bonds when the price is lower because of selling, the yield rises. As large a market as US Treasury debt is, this major a move over the […]

Ay, my precious (metal)

Silver takes the gold, breaking through the $20 an ounce mark on July 4th, rising over 5% on the day, only to be beaten back slightly overnight. The precious metal has risen 48% this year, while gold is up 28% since Jan.1. Gold is at all-time high in many currencies around the world. This is […]

Friday the 13th may bring scary news

Slow news day to begin with. However some birds are chirping in my ear that a private equity/hedge fund is teetering and there are dire discussions going on to have the industry come in and bailout the fund at the harm of the investors. Washington has turned a deaf ear to this big contributor because […]

Market analysts’ crude projections

Let’s correct a fallacy that is being trumpeted by whatever financial commentator your hear. Cratering oil prices are not sending stocks down. The global recession is sending everything lower except bond prices, because large investors are looking to preserve wealth in US treasuries. Crude is the canary in the coal mine for economic growth. The […]