Trump’s Syrian bombing wakes quiet markets

The Trump Administration’s launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria Thursday night, sent shivers through the energy markets. The strike on an airfield believed to be housing sarin gas was the first deliberate attack on Syria was in respond to the killing of 70 people with the gas allegedly done by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad […]

Markets running a fever (chart) over health care vote

The health care debate will rule the news cycle today as well as equity markets. The repeal of ObamaCare has become a proxy for the Trump Administration’s ability to get other meaningful measures accomplished this year including tax cuts across the board. Look for another sell off Like Thursday’s close in stocks should the Trump […]

Dollar To Donut

By MICHAEL GRAY Rumblings from Russia two weeks ago about scrapping the dollar as the global reserve currency were largely ignored. Putin’s comments were taken as a wounded bear needing higher oil prices not afforded by the weak greenback. On Tuesday, a Chinese central banker called on G20 participants to look at creating an international […]