The Wall St. bulls are on the run, look out.

Apologies for late post as I have computer problems. Wall Street appears to be flexing its muscle again on the back of Donald Trump’s Presidential inauguration. JPMorgan reported 4th quarter earnings this morning and knocked the cover off the ball. Jamie Dimon’s management team just seems to fire on all cylinders, while Bank Of America […]

Quiet markets as Trump sets out his cabinet

The holiday shortened week will give a temporary reprieve to the strengthening dollar as most bond and currency traders take time off before the year-end push. A bit of an explainer for some readers. The strengthening dollar against other currencies makes import items more expensive, but it is also a trigger for higher bond yields, […]

Almost Armaggeddon revisited 8 years later

Eight years ago today Lehman Bros. filed for bankruptcy. Everything that happen to the US economy since then can be attributed to that filing and its ramifications. After Lehman failed, that was the last financial firm allowed to fail under capitalism. All other weak financial firms were forced into shot-gun marriages with larger firms in […]

Dimon’s “consumer is a winner” misses the point

So America’s banker Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase believes the consumer is enjoying the best time in the last decade due to the savings from cheaper gas. “The U.S. consumer is a huge winner,” Dimon, 59, said Tuesday at the bank’s annual investor day in New York. “The consumer balance sheet has almost never been […]