Federal Reserve will move after the greatest transfer of wealth

On Wednesday we get the Federal Reserve almost certainly announcing a 25bps rise in its Fed Fund rate. This will be the second raise in the last eight years, which should tell you everything you need to know about the effectiveness of the Obama economic miracle. And yet the Feds’ move over that time allowed […]

Yellen looking to help swaps market with Sept. rate rise

The narratives coming out of the banks in the most recent reports have a dire warning theme running through them. The worry of a market collapse weaves its way through reports from Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and a few others I have glanced at since Labor Day. Most hint of a bond vigilante rise arriving in […]

Greek talks have more layers than the very best Phyllo dough in Athens

Markets around the world are rallying on the premise that Greece will knuckle under and concede to the Trioka demands. The consensus believing it is best for the most people possible to have Greece accept austerity to the nth degree, so therefore it will get done, so buy. Europe stocks are up +2% on this […]