Retail woes spread across all price points

Because of yesterday’s monumental news the Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker immediately resigned for leaking Fed information before it was released, I did not write on two huge developments in US retailing that point to the troubling economy. Ralph Lauren — the iconic US retailer — is closing its flagship Manhattan store on 5th Avenue […]

Ides of March trifecta may bring more change

Wednesday — the Ides Of March — is the a day of reckoning times three. As I wrote earlier the Fed is concluding its two-day meeting on whether to raise rates. Although I am alone in this camp, I still believe Yellen & Co. will see many aspects of the economy that would greenlight a […]

I spent 8 years with someone who was “Not my President”

I spent the last eight years with a president that certainly did not have an agenda that I could support. I was looked on as a pariah by the Obama Administration. I was what was wrong with this country. Unfortunately for me I was born a white male in the early 60’s, so therefore I […]

Bond market is the best poll

There’s a bond market sell off going on the past week. The US 10-year note has increased in yield from 1.72% last Friday to 1.86% this morning. In bonds when the price is lower because of selling, the yield rises. As large a market as US Treasury debt is, this major a move over the […]

Fed’s data revision marks new recession

Fresh off of the anemic 2016 Q1 GDP 0.5% on an annual basis, which translate to 0.125% “growth” for the first quarter, comes more dire news for the US. The Federal Reserve in July will have a major benchmark revision of GDP going back the last 5 years. The revised numbers will show that the […]