Yellen reverse sets market afire, for now

Janet Yellen needed medical attention while giving a speech Thurs. night at U-Mass Amherst. The Fed chief complained about being dehydrated and appeared to have difficulty finishing her speech, with disturbing pauses and having to re-read passages. At the end she said “Let’s leave it there” and was assisted off the podium, and was asked […]

The real deflate-gate saga

Tom Brady’s football was better inflated than this global economy. Every day this week we have seen a sovereign nation cheapen its currency. Russia today cut its interest rate by 2 percentage points to “ease” inflation fears. Not sure how a rate cut can subdue inflation, but leave that as it may. Since the Swiss […]

State of the Disunion

Knowing of course that President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night was constructed to be more pep rally than a true accounting, I am still scratching my head over his assertion that 2015 turns a page economically for the US. The president spoke in broad terms of how the US has come back after […]


Equity markets globally are down over 1% Monday morning on the trifecta of: US government shutdown, Italian government crisis and initiation of ObamaCare. As midnight budget deadline looms, projects of GDP falling flat for Q3 have investors piling into the 10-yr bond with yields touching 2.5% handle. Tapering is on the back burner with economic […]