Brexit means entering the bond market

The equity market churn with a volatility that’s almost nonexistent is creating huge moves in the bond pits. As stocks move in a range for the last week or so and the VIX moving toward single digits, the 10-year note is trading at 2.3%. This is about where it was right after the election when […]

Prime Minister May signs EU divorce papers

British Prime Minister Theresa May signed the EU divorce papers on Tuesday. Brexit has officially begun as foreign exchange response seems to be muted as both the pound and euro traded off slightly against the dollar. US equities and bonds were also nonplussed by the much-anticipated move by the Brits. City of London bankers from […]

2016 sowed the seeds of change. Now what?

As 2016 draws to a close, I am one who thinks the year has been monumental for the change it will bring to the world both economically and politically in the near future. Historians will begin to see the import probably ten years from now, but the seeds were sown for a dramatic shift towards […]

Market get mixed message from central banks

Most markets are looking for direction as central banks moved the goalposts over the last 24 hours. Yesterday Fed chief Janet Yellen said that the central bank now sees an additional rate hike needed for next year as its policies appear to be working. Laugh at that. The reason Yellen & Co are seeing improvement […]

Investors flock, while leaders flee

I’m having a difficult time figuring out what the markets see, that I don’t. Yes we have President-elect Donald Trump coming into office in 6 weeks or so. The perception of regulation easing and increased infrastructure spending have many sectors soaring. But we have other heads of state running for the exits┬áthis week: Italy, New […]

Did Kaepernick quarterback a Trump win?

What does the Donald Trump win mean in the greater world economy? First you had Iceland in 2008 telling the London banking system to go to hell, we are not crippling our nation to pay tribute to them with IceSave for rigged bets that City of London fostered upon the national bank of the tiny […]

Labor Day question, It’s quality not quantity of jobs

So Tuesday begins the nexus of the presidential election and the troubling times for the stock markets. A majority of Americans will start looking more closely at the candidates. With the polarization of these two candidates, the undecided may be the majority of the populace. But now is the time for them to figure out […]