Stocks soar despite anemic GDP

As the first quarter ends Friday we see that while sentiment has exploded, economic growth is muted. On Thursday the feds released the third revision (not the final revision since it will be changed again and again) of GDP for the final quarter of 2016 and the year. The latest revision of Q4 showed growth […]

Peaceful transfer of power — Not

This presidential transition is one for the ages. Outgoing President Obama held his last press conference on Friday. Near the top of the Q&A, Obama stated: The US intelligence I have seen “gives me great confidence” that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee and the email account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. “This […]

Can the Fed chair, please take a seat

Today at 2 pm The Federal Reserve will most likely announce a 0.25 bps move higher in Fed Funds rate taking it toward 0.75 bps. I say most likely since it would only be the second rise in eight years, so I feel I want to couch that comment. Nevertheless, the more important aspect comes […]

Bad bank statements

The Federal Reserve has now held two closed-door meetings under expedited procedures this week, and Fed chair Janet Yellen had a impromptu White House conference between those meetings with President Obama and Vice President Biden. So what’s going on? IS this game planning for how to handle the economy and rate rises leading up to the […]

State of the Disunion

Knowing of course that President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night was constructed to be more pep rally than a true accounting, I am still scratching my head over his assertion that 2015 turns a page economically for the US. The president spoke in broad terms of how the US has come back after […]


Equity markets globally are down over 1% Monday morning on the trifecta of: US government shutdown, Italian government crisis and initiation of ObamaCare. As midnight budget deadline looms, projects of GDP falling flat for Q3 have investors piling into the 10-yr bond with yields touching 2.5% handle. Tapering is on the back burner with economic […]