Monte Paschi looking for a bailout

The Italian government is working on state bailout for Monte dei Paschi di Siena as the troubled bank teeters following Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s decision to quit, according to Reuters reports. Monte Paschi must raise $5.4 billion by the end of December to avert the risk of being shuttered. Italy is likely to pump government […]

Monte dei Paschi still reeling from banker suicides

Monte dei Paschi, the large Italian bank based in Siena, which was featured in my award-winning video and story on “Banker Suicides”, had its stock halted Tuesday in European trading as the bank struggles to survive. The financial institution’s stock was trading down 23%  to 0.30 euros when shares were halted on the news that […]

My ironic weekend with Deutsche Bank

I just love irony, it comes out of nowhere and can  bring a smile to your face. On the same day, Saturday, that my  New York Post video series, “Banker Suicides,” won a Streamy Award for Best Investigation Series, the central character in the story was indicted along with 12 other bankers on criminal fraud […]

My “Banker Suicide” series wins Web award

The New York Post’s video series “Banker Suicides” has won the Streamy Award for Best Investigation Series. The video report and corresponding story shows the connection between three banker suicides during the 2013 rash of deaths in the finance industry worldwide. The series’ producers were Heather Hauswirth and Steven Greenstreet working with New York Post […]

Ben-Artzi sheds light on Deutsche Bank suicides

Deutsche Bank’ whistleblower Eric Ben-Artzi sheds new light on the nefarious bookkeeping within the bank and a possible motive for two allege suicides within the bank. Ben-Artzi uncovered a tens of billions of dollar shortfall in how the German uber bank priced the derivatives sitting on the books just after the market crashed in 2009. […]

Deutsche Bank’s systemic infection

I recently wrote about the fraud and criminality of Deutsche Bank and its highly questionable involvement in an Italian bank merger tied to a rash of Banker Suicides as a result of its nefarious activity. Now we see DB is labeled a systemic risk to the global financial system by the International Monetary Fund after […]