Conspiracy of Dunces: Central bank manipulations in crisis

On Monday we discover further evidence that the Bank Of England in 2008 was pressuring banks to manipulate the LIBOR rates lower as a result of the financial crisis. At the time Mervyn King was the Governor of the Bank of England and his staff were said to be questioning UK banks — including Barclays […]

Happy Pi Day as the Fed rise is not baked in

Happy Pi Day — 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706798214808651328230664709384460955058223… All life is a circle and everyone in the world has their birthday and age in that number. Janet Yellen told markets Monday that the Fed would hold their two-day meeting despite a winter storm hitting the DC area. You need to understand that DC considers itself a southern city […]

Bitcoin’s rise being Fed by Yellen

US security markets took the release of the Fed minutes in stride on Wednesday as most analysis said March was on the table for a rate hike. Investors seem to take that in stride since Fed chief Janet Yellen has been using this script for some time and as I wrote yesterday there will not […]

Inflation numbers doesn’t mean the consumer is back

Let’s look at the Consumer Price Index that was released Wednesday by the Labor Department. The report said inflation had its biggest monthly jump in almost four years for pricing. While the report said prices rose 2.5% annualized in January and is over the Federal Reserve’s 2% target level, this could lead to a March […]

The Battle of the Dollar has commenced

The Battle of the dollar has commenced. The forces battling to squash the value of the greenback stretch from Washington to Beijing, with battle lines in Tokyo, London and Shanghai. A strong dollar is crippling to the Chinese economy, since the yuan is pegged to the dollar and has already been devalued by 10% to […]

Trump will inflate us out of our $20T in debt

What is the result of the Dow Jones industrial average breaking through the 20,000 mark? I’m of the opinion that the psychological milestone is no different from breaking through 19,990, however rounded numbers are far more celebrated than others. So the Dow won the race it was in with the National Debt Level, which is […]

Trump building new alliances at Dems expense

On Monday President Trump sign an executive order repealing the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This was an 12-nation agreement on trade with mostly Asian “manufacturers. During the campaign Trump called the TPP “a potential disaster for our country.” The executive order merely stops the Senate from considering the TPP, since it has not been ratified yet. Although […]