Trump’s Congressional speech impediment

Global markets are holding their collective breath on Tuesday as institutional investors await President Trump’s joint address to Congress. The markets need to hear concrete actions for Trump’s economic plan from tax policy and infrastructure spending to speak of two large objectives. Paying for these initiatives is less important than specifics of the plans. I […]

And the winner for best candidate is Hillary; eh no the winner is …

The left is mad as hell, but they keep on losing. In a British special election last week the Conservative Party won the House of Commons seat in Copeland over the Labour candidate for the first time in over 80 years. In France far-right nationalism champion Marine Le Pen is seen as leading, but in […]

Macy’s looking to maul malls

What happens when the anchor store at the mall becomes a mall? The changing face of retail in the US showed some more of its cards Thursday as both Macy’s and Kohl’s stores said they would be carving up space within its stores to sell to other retailers. So as the malls close and suffer […]

Bitcoin’s rise being Fed by Yellen

US security markets took the release of the Fed minutes in stride on Wednesday as most analysis said March was on the table for a rate hike. Investors seem to take that in stride since Fed chief Janet Yellen has been using this script for some time and as I wrote yesterday there will not […]

The Fed will not raise and create March madness

At 2pm Wednesday we get the Federal Reserve’s minutes from the last meeting at the end of January. As many Fed governors and presidents have said since, look for more jawboning about raising rates “sooner, rather than later.” Of course this is just that jawboning. The Fed will point to inflation is rising just above […]

Retail is a losing concern

So we see Macy’s and Wal-Mart come out with earnings from the holiday quarter Tuesday morning. And while both did better than the Street expected on the bottom line, sales and revenue were lower than the year prior and lower than projections. The balance sheet machinations to get to a better earnings per share are […]

Can Trump hold the middle?

As I wrote Friday that the liberals who live on the coasts have President Trump in their sights for destruction through the content and comments that is controlled by the Hollywood film, Silicon Valley social media and New York news and publishing operations. As I wrote before the election the great middle of this country […]