Antarctica could be a pole shift

Although this does not have an economic angle just yet, I am intrigued by all this talk of Antarctica.

The discussions center on a discovery of some sort technology under the ice shelf. Rumors circulating have it being something with huge ramifications for the Human Race.

Now usually I would not think there was much to this, but the number of visitors to the southern polar region has my sensors up.

Among the dignitaries visiting Antarctica recently are:

  • US Secretary of State John Kerry on Election Day here in the US on the premise to see the effects of global warming.
  • Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 Moon astronaut, who tweeted about getting ready to “go to the launchpad,”, and then needed to be medi-vacted off the continent and quarantined.
  • Prince Harry of Great Britain, visitor on a “charity” junket to highlight wounded soldiers and difficult career transitions.
  • King Juan Carlos of Spain, visitor, who was fulfilling a “lifelong ambition”.
  • Former President Bill Clinton and soon-to-be ex President Obama both took trips to far southern cities in New Zealand and Chile for unexplained reasons.
  • A Vatican expedition team was sent at the Pope’s urging.

 The speculation of what is there runs the gamut from an ancient civilization buried under the ice in caverns discovered by German U-boats in the 1930s, to crashed alien crafts.

I have no opinion on what could be there, but some people are speaking of this as being something that could change the energy paradigm for the world.

One strange thing that has occurred has me scratching my head.

While down under, Buzz Aldrin also tweeted an ominous message, which was mysteriously  deleted a short time later.  His tweet said: “We are all in danger.  It is evil itself.” and he included a  photograph of a pyramid located at the South Pole shown below.


So I’m not sure what is going on there and we may not ever know.

But I wanted just to bring it to your attention on the off chance this comes up in the next month or so as “fake news.”


4 thoughts on “Antarctica could be a pole shift

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  3. There was a catastrophic, civilization-ending pole shift roughly 12,500-13,000 years ago. Before that, the North Pole was near the west of Hudson Bay, and Atlantis ruled from then habitable western Antarctica. Or so the evidence suggests. Some evidence also suggests the next pole shift is due very soon, especially if we assume our wise old ancestors encoded what they understood into monuments, myths, and religions. Consider reading End Times and 2019, Earth’s Shifting Crust, Earth Under Fire…


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