Placid markets show comfortability with Trump candidacy

Global markets appear to be sanguine over the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency as they react to the late Friday news that the FBI is reopening its probe into Hillary Clinton’s emailing sensitive material over a private server. US stock futures are up slightly Monday morning pre-market as Asian and European market moved very […]

Bond market is the best poll

There’s a bond market sell off going on the past week. The US 10-year note has increased in yield from 1.72% last Friday to 1.86% this morning. In bonds when the price is lower because of selling, the yield rises. As large a market as US Treasury debt is, this major a move over the […]

No matter who wins, a new economic team will start next year

As the US closes in on the presidential election, one point has become very clear. Come the end of January next year, the US will have a new economic team in place. Of course the first pick is Treasury Secretary, but the second most important pick is who will lead the Federal Reserve. Regardless of […]

Apple numbers get to the core of retail’s problem

Markets are trading off on continuing poor retail numbers. Apple reported Tuesday night that the Holiday Season sales look like they will be lower than expected by Wall Street. It’s not unusual for Apple to forecast low for an easy beat when they report earnings. But this is different. Apple also reported its first year-over-year decline in […]

Monte dei Paschi still reeling from banker suicides

Monte dei Paschi, the large Italian bank based in Siena, which was featured in my award-winning video and story on “Banker Suicides”, had its stock halted Tuesday in European trading as the bank struggles to survive. The financial institution’s stock was trading down 23%  to 0.30 euros when shares were halted on the news that […]

Time was key to AT&T deal.

The big news over the weekend was the $86B deal AT&T put out to buy Time Warner. This deal came together very quickly. News came out Thursday that they were talking, Friday brought “serious talks and Saturday brought the deal. It appears price was no issue, since AT&T chief Randall Stephenson paid $107.50 a share […]

On Election Day it could be curtains

Given the press reports coming out after the final presidential debate it would appear there is no choice in this election. The headlines and polling data suggest the coronation of Hillary Clinton is just a little over two weeks away. However, I stand by my initial observation that Americans living more than 200 miles from […]