Market turns on a dime, but who’s dime?

Yesterday’s market moves need to be examined. The way the markets turned around on a dime after the Dow fell over 220 points on the news the Deutsche Bank was being squeezed due to liquidity concerns was the stuff that the Plunge Protection team dreams of. While the percentage moves were small, the direction was […]

Curious Trump banking connection

There seems to a curious connection that I would like to point out. The reason behind it is open to speculation, which I don’t generally write about. The connection is between Deutsche Bank and Donald Trump. Deutsche for the last decade or so has been one of Trump’s main lenders. Deutsche holds more than $350M on […]

Cryan has to know when to Fuld ’em

The similarities between Deutsche Bank and Lehman Bros. grow by the day. CEO John Cryan is pulling out the Lehman playbook used not so effectively by ex-Lehman CEO Dick Fuld. Layoffs abound as the German bank cuts losing divisions, just like Lehman. Defections of the top traders and execs continue across the globe, just like […]

Deutsche Bank’s pan-European bail out

As I have been writing about Deutsche Bank since 2012 as an alleged criminal enterprise that had a number of bankers associated with it mysteriously die in suicides, I can’t say I am surprised by the events recently. And recent market moves on its stocks and bonds show the bank is in bigger trouble than […]

Merkel won’t bail out Deutsche: report

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has nixed any bail out for Deutsche Bank prior to the national election next September, Focus magazine reported, citing unidentified government officials. The German leader has also ruled out helping the bank’s with its legal imbroglio with the US Justice Department, which is seeking  $14 billion in sanctions against the bank’s […]

Deutsche’s systemic risk worry German pols

Deutsche Bank is back making headlines today as the German firm is reorganizing its Asset Management division for the second time in a year, by bringing in a new chief to oversee operations. CEO John Cryan is struggling to get the bank back on course after many years of questionable operations. Cryan also faces a […]

Yellen can’t connect the dot plot

Janet Yellen in her press conference Wednesday said that the US GDP for next year and 2018 will be lower than previously expected, yet all is well according to the Fed chief. The Fed governors projections for economic growth (dot plot) was knocked back to below 2% for 2017 and 2018. Remember that the Fed’s […]