Markets ignoring yen weakness

As we wait for the Bureau of Economic Analysis to release its revisions to GDP going back to 2013 at 8:30 am EDT, the stock markets are looking at point of inflection. While the yen is cratering against other currencies as the Japanese central banker Kuroda nixed the idea of issuing additional QE or helicopter […]

Did we have a double dip in 2014?

On Friday, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (wait don’t click away this is important) will release it benchmark revisions to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product figures going back to 2013. These are the eggheads in the Commerce Department that call a recession if we get two consecutive quarters of negative growth. There is a slight […]

Achtung, Deutsche Bank’s profit dropped 98%

Remember when I told you Deutsche Bank was the canary in the coal mine for Europe? Remember when I wrote that Deutsche Bank was at the heart of taking down the Italian banking system? Well those two scenarios are playing out this week. Deutsche Bank reported “earnings” Wednesday and profits fell 98% in the quarter […]

Bernie Sanders spit the bit on Monday

Here’s what I find astounding from the opening night speeches of the Democrats at the national convention. Although it has been eight years of economic malaise under President Obama, it is the Bush administration’s fault that wages haven’t risen in over that time. It’s not the Democrats fault real GDP growth over 2.5% hasn’t occurred […]

Verizon’s 4.8B throwback Monday deal

Verizon has bought Yahoo for $4.8B in order to grab additional eyeballs for the telephone companies internet/wireless properties. This deal has plenty of similarities with the infamous Time Inc/AOL purchase just before the Internet Bubble burst in 2000. Ironically, AOL is in this deal since Verizon bought a shell of the service last year. Tim […]

Trump trade barbs with Hillary

America and Wall Street got to hear some of what a Donald Trump presidency might look like on Thursday night. Markets seem non plus by the what it heard as futures are slightly positive and bond yields moved a little higher on the Republican nominee’s agenda. Naturally, there are little specifics on his economic plan, […]

No yen for helicopter money, maybe?

Wednesday night news out of Tokyo said Bank Of Japan was going to launch a Y10 to Y20 TRILLION in helicopter money. Helicopter money is where the government gives cash to the general population in leiu of the banks to spur spending and growth. Well the headlines drove high frequency traders to buy, buy, buy […]