Q1 market run up almost complete

Ok the last day of Q1 2016 now has all major equities exchanges positive for the year, just as I predicted on Monday. The window dressing was aided by Fed chief Janet Yellen on Tuesday with her announcement that rate rises will be “gradual.” Yellen’s pullback from the December quarter point rates rise and her […]

Equities & bonds are on launch pad ready for lift off

As I wrote on Monday, the quarter-ending window dressing would be in full force this week as traders were going to take markets higher to get a profit on client statements. Well Fed Chief Janet Yellen lit the rocket fuel with her “gradual gradualism” remarks yesterday at the NY Economic Club. Yellen assuring traders that […]

The consumer is consumed with dread

The Atlanta Fed updated its projection for 2016 Q1 GDP on Monday. They lowered it to 0.6% from 1.4% on Friday. GDPNow, the Atlanta Fed’s web site, cited first-quarter real consumer spending falling from 2.5%  to 1.8% for the downgrade. If you look at the stocks of retailers you can see how bad the situation […]

Spring’s green shoots will die on the vine again

In the words of ex-Fed chief Ben Bernanke, it’s green shoots time. After posting a “robust” 1.4% GDP growth for Q4 2015, it’s time to take off. Spring used to be the time of economic rebound. Coming out of the winter doldrums, spending and building come back to life as the weather warms. This scenario […]

Wall Street aligned with Hillary

With US and European stock and bond markets closed for Good Friday, I think it’s time to look at the political landscape. Let’s assume the 2016 election will pit Hillary Clinton on the democratic side with Donald Trump running on the republican ticket. The consensus on Wall Street is that Clinton will get the majority […]

Market’s rudderless on Fed’s mixed message

Stocks have been going nowhere for the last week or so. The volatility is gone as institutional investors cannot get a probable direction for equities or the economy looking out six months. But why? Blame Fed chief Janet Yellen. In her press conference earlier this month — after deciding to pause in its rate hikes […]

’16 Election centers on globalists vs nationalists

As I laid out yesterday, the nationalistic movement sweeping across the US in the form of support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is now picking up support across Europe as a result of the Brussels bombings. England’s Brexit movement leaders are using the bombings as an example of why England should sever ties with […]