Are we turning Japanese, I really think so

Sub Zero may be a good refrigerator, but it’s no way to run monetary policy. So the third largest economy in the world is offering its banks negative interest rates on new assets held at its accounts at the central bank. The Japanese central bank led by Haruhiko Kuroda, issued the new policy overnight to […]

Fed stays pat, markets go flat

As I wrote yesterday the Fed was going to be stubborn and not recognize the weakness in the global economy, so the market reacted with a selloff. In their statement the Fed did not see a reason to mention crude oil pricing as anything more than a transitory blip on the screen. It still maintained […]

Bellwethers bang a gong on slowing global growth

Is there a global recession as I have stated for the last three months? Well the US multinationals are telling us there is. Both Apple and Boeing — one consumer, one industrial — have come in with weaker revenue for the Q4 2015 quarter. It’s the discretionary spending — on new Apple gadget — that […]

Why is your nest egg still in the stock market?

Wake up! What is the upside to keeping your 401(k) or other retirement funds in stocks. Did you learn nothing from 2008? You are on the wrong side of the Federal Reserve and a global recession. The major indices are down over 11% this year alone. More than $16 trillion has been lost in global […]

ECB to ramp up easing, for hard landing

The equity markets are rallying over the presumption that the ECB and Mario Draghi will step up on Wednesday and provide more easing. However, the ECB is already doing $60B a month in easing, with negative interest rates. So of course the answer is issue more debt Draghi was quoted at the World Economic Forum […]

$16+ trillion lost in global equities in 6 months

As I’ve written about the Great Fleecing of the US middle class by the Federal Reserve during its many phases of Quantitative Easing — where trillions of dollars were handed over to the richest Americans in the form of asset bubbles in stocks and bonds — now a new market report comes out saying global […]

Market analysts’ crude projections

Let’s correct a fallacy that is being trumpeted by whatever financial commentator your hear. Cratering oil prices are not sending stocks down. The global recession is sending everything lower except bond prices, because large investors are looking to preserve wealth in US treasuries. Crude is the canary in the coal mine for economic growth. The […]