2016 market party may end early

The market prognosticators are out in force, peering into the same crystal ball it appears, since the Street sees roughly 8% growth in equities for 2016. Now where they see that growth is no mystery. The Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (Alphabet) trade is still their top pick, lacking any kind of imagination. But knowing […]

No interest in deposits

It appears the markets will be gamed today. Despite the dollar is stronger across the board, crude and stocks point to a higher open as the window dressing will be in full swing today. JPMorgan Chase said Monday that it would offer its high-net clients a bit more interest on their savings as a result […]

Markets’ year-end sale

There are 3.5 days left in the 2015 trading year and this is how the major exchanges look Monday pre-open. Dow -271, -1.5%. Last 6 months is -2.2% S&P +2, +0.01%. Last 6 months is -1.9%  Nasdaq +312, +6.6%. Last 6 months is -0.6% $/€ +10.1%. Last 6 months is 1.8% US 10-year note. Had […]

Financial collapse and breakthrough technology

I’m not sure what to make of my recent research, but I’ll post it today to give the readers a little more time to go over it. Merry Christmas to all. Is there a correlation between financial collapses and breakout business inventions? I’ve ventured to look at the most recent Wall Street and global stock […]

NFL’s not so Merry Christmas

The movie “Concussion” opens Christmas Day. It deals with ex-NFL players being diagnosed with a disease similar to Alzheimer’s due to chronic concussions. Also on Tuesday the NFL pulled out of funding a concussion study at Boston University — through the National Institute of Health — because the lead researcher, Dr. Robert Stern, a prominent […]