Tip-toeing around carbon footprints

Beginning today and running for two weeks are the international climate change talks outside Paris. More than 150 countries will be participating in the discussions with the most prominent talks centering on financing of newer technologies for developing countries. With cost estimates of $100 billion a year by 2020, the large industrial countries will be […]

Shopping should always be local

While national retailers are having a dismal beginning to the holiday shopping season, Saturday is the most important shopping day of the season. Grey Thursday and Black Friday passed with lukewarm response by consumers and Cyber Monday (which is archaic now, since most people have faster Internet connections on their phones than their workplace) is […]

Turkey shoot comes early for Fed

The Turks shooting down a Russian military jet, these are the nightmares the Fed governors have. As Yellen & Co move toward their mid-Dec. meeting still jawboning about a possible rate increase, world events may take the ball out of their hands. Or flip it on its head and world events will provide the Fed  […]

The Fed’s special meeting today

The Federal Reserve announced Friday that it will hold a meeting “under expedited procedures” at 11:30 a.m. Monday for a “review and determination … of the advance and discount rates to be charged by the Federal Reserve Banks.” The Fed is scheduled to meet mid-month to consider a rate hike, but some on Wall St. […]

House approves Audit the Fed bill

On Thursday the House of Representatives passed the Audit the Fed bill. The bill would require the Federal Reserve to explain publicly its monetary policy, specifically how it sets interests rates and therefore controls the country’s money supply. The vote was 241-185 in favor for H.R. 3189, the Fed Oversight Reform and Modernization Act. The […]