This quarter turned stocks into pints

More than $11 trillion was lost in global equities prices in the quarter ending Wednesday. Naturally all markets rally today on the window dressing that occurs on the last day of a month, quarter or year. That $11 trillion is not lost on all market players. As traders go in and out of stocks to […]

Here’s a primer on the latest firm that crushed your portfolio: Glencore

So there’s a company you may never have heard about, that in the next week or so could bring much pain to your portfolio and derivatives markets around the world. Here’s how the company — Glencore — describes itself: We are one of the world’s largest diversified natural resource companies, producing and marketing more than […]

The Fed’s own deflategate

So the Dow Jones is down 10.8 percent since the March highs, in full correction territory. This latest downturn has more to do with the slowing global economy and the deflationary inputs that are coming ashore here in the US. Whether it’s through cheaper crude oil or price cuts by overseas suppliers struggling to keep […]

Yellen reverse sets market afire, for now

Janet Yellen needed medical attention while giving a speech Thurs. night at U-Mass Amherst. The Fed chief complained about being dehydrated and appeared to have difficulty finishing her speech, with disturbing pauses and having to re-read passages. At the end she said “Let’s leave it there” and was assisted off the podium, and was asked […]

BRICs implosion begs the question, Now what?

The global landscape is not looking very good. The periphery is in a whole lot of trouble, which doesn’t bode well for anyone. South America’s economy is imploding. Brazil’s currency value is being decimated on a daily basis. Argentina is a leg down in advance of Brazil. Brazil’s largest conglomerate Petrobras is teetering on the […]

Fed can certainly see the future(s)

S&P futures moved 30 points overnight from the low on bad Chinese manufacturing numbers, to a high on the European open. No surprise that the Chinese are making less of everything, since there are no buyers, but the move higher was very curious indeed. No it’s accepted wisdom that the Fed is in the e-mini […]

China gets yuan’s worth by hiring BlackRock’s Fink

It appears China got its money’s worth by bringing in BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to advise them on market conditions. Chinese regulators asked Fink, who is the world’s largest asset fund with nearly $4 trillion under management, to speak with them about managing how its stock market volatility. Not quite sure how many calls it […]