Equity markets globally are down over 1% Monday morning on the trifecta of: US government shutdown, Italian government crisis and initiation of ObamaCare.

As midnight budget deadline looms, projects of GDP falling flat for Q3 have investors piling into the 10-yr bond with yields touching 2.5% handle.

Tapering is on the back burner with economic growth coming to a standstill and jobless claims rising as employers cut back hours on workers to end run ObamaCare.

Whether we arrive at a continuing resolution 17 hours from now is immaterial to the larger question of ending the US socialist experiment of capitalism.

The sooner the Fed tapers its $85B in daily injections (proper word choice since its heroin for markets) and allows markets to clear on their own, the better for the US economy. Let the market provide the liquidity needed, not DC.

There needs to be the creative destruction of failed firms unable to survive without covert daily injections of cash for bad MBS paper. This would do more in short term that any regs coming out of Dodd Frank.


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