Exclusive: Silver Suits Begin

By MICHAEL GRAY JPMorgan Chase and HSBC have been named in a federal lawsuit filed in Manhattan for allegedly conspiring “to intentionally and unlawfully suppress and manipulate the price of Comex silver futures.” The suit filed yesterday by Brian Beatty a Connecticut silver trader, who is represented by Labaton, Sucharow, states that JPM has “reaped […]

The Real Mortgage Fraud

By MICHAEL GRAY Up until now, large banks and mortgage servicers have stated that they used false documentation and illegal signings and notary signatures to alleviate the huge backlog of foreclosure processings. Although filing a false document with a US court would be fraudulent if you or I did it, this is only the tip […]

Mortgage Mess

By MICHAEL GRAY As Wall Street banks pull back of foreclosures in lieu of fraudulent filings on the part of the processors, how far are we away from a general amnesty of first mortgages. A foreclosure motion should be challenged by every homeowner on the grounds that the banks — for the most part — […]