Feds Probe JP Morgan’s Silver Trades


Federal regulators have launched both a criminal and civil investigation against JPMorgan Chase for its trading activity in precious metals market.
The Commodities Futures Trade Commission is looking into civil charges and the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division are handling the criminal probe, according to sources who did not wish to be identified due to the sensitive nature of the information.

See More information in New York Post Sunday Business section:


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50 thoughts on “Feds Probe JP Morgan’s Silver Trades

  1. Michael thank you for reporting on this, it is refreshing to see someone actually investigating and reporting the many frauds being committed against the US citizens.


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  3. This is wonderful news! Thank you Michael Gray for sticking your neck out to go where most reporters have feared to go.


  4. Thank you! Newspapers are going broke because they do not print what is really happening. Obviously JP Morgan isn’t invested in the Post nor do they advertise there. I hope the WSJ is embarrased by their omission


  5. Omission is the most effective form of propaganda, better than even lies and distortions. Lamescream corporate media cartel actually reporting real news, like the biggest fraud in the history of the planet?! Ahahahaha!

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

    These aren’t the droids we’re looking for. You can go about your business. Move along…


  6. While it is clear they are rigging the markets in precious metals, I doubt the government will punish JPM at all. If these guys had to cover the shorts, do any of you realize what the price of silver might be? Clearly north of $100 per ounce in a day. Proably closer to $300 per ounce.


  7. SHAME ON NEIL CAVUTO for ignoring this story and for previously suggesting that people who entertain any such developments, might somehow be part of the less than celebrated, Conspiracy Theory/Tin-Foil-Hat Crowd.


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  10. SEC is guilty of Misprison of Felony, or failing to prevent illegal activity it knew was occurring.


    01. Madoff

    02. CDO’s / Credit Default Swap Agreements

    03. Gold Market Manipulation (www.gata.org)


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    • A great “good day” indeed! i have been a noble metals investor for 40+ yrs.. The last 20 have been screwed with, by bullion valuation manipulators. i understand their need to do so, ie. protect their fiat debt system. (“Well, how’s that working for you”?) NOT


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  13. Michael, please provide a better link, the link to the post is general only, and no mention of this story.



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  21. This is a big joke. We all know very well that JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs dictate to our government. They say jump and our government ask how high? The little guy will continue to get hurt until the regulatory authorities get serious and stop playing paper tiger.


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  24. Thanks for posting this important bit of news. You are the only one doing it.

    Why is it that the other medias are ignoring this issue?

    Do you know why, Michael


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  38. After what they did to WAMU and a number of other banks is manipulation of the silver ETFs and prices a surprise to anyone? Of course, being the custodian of ETFs is no conflict of interest I’m sure.

    I doubt seriously if anything will come from this – they’ll sweep it under the rug just like they are trying to do with the seizure and theft of Washington Mutual. Most Americans could care less as they feel its just the “rich” that are being affected. They do not see how theft of WAMU and things like this affects everyone – stockholders, bond holders, charities that used to depend on WAMU, employees of the bank, down to the welfare family that can’t get help because the trough is dry – people that cry foul are considered malcontents and nuts.

    The big picture is that the government allows it because there is nothing they want to do about it and as long as folks just ignore it, they will continue. No wonder they want to control the internet – if it weren’t for the internet most would never even know things like this happen.

    Thanks for reporting on it, what’s the latest? Can’t find much anywhere and the Feds aren’t saying anything.


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