What About Derivatives, Mr. President

By MICHAEL GRAY President Obama continued his populous screed on Thursday — as a reaction to Tuesday’s Republican senatorial election win by Scott Brown — by further hamstringing Wall Street essentially taking another cup away but still leaving the punch bowl. The administration announced that financial firms could no longer reap huge profits from hedge […]

Shop Near Home

By MICHAEL GRAY If you are like me and have a powerless feeling over the pending financial collapse as well as being exploited by Wall Street and Washington on these huge bailouts. Take control of the situation and do yourself and your neighbors a big favor. If you want to show Wall Street and the […]

Maiden Lane III

Treasury chief Tim Geithner will probably not have to worry about still having his Westchester, NY house sitting empty all this time. Geithner will probably need a home in the New York area once he is bounced from Washington over his latest problem. It appears from the little paperwork that could be released on the […]

2010: A Continuation of the Naughts

By MICHAEL GRAY Many economists are looking at 2010 and seeing the glass is half full. The data they use to forecast how the US economy is improving has been corrupted to such an extent that the time-honored formulas used to determine future growth are fraudulent. The disconnect occurs when government statistics are skewed with […]