Greenhouse Gasbags

The reaction of global warming evangelists to the leak of e-mails detailing climate scientists fraudulently altering temperature data to support their thesis speaks to the ultimate objective.

The idea of climate change has so much more to do with global governance and so little to do with environmental change.

If you look at the roster of proponents for global initiatives on climate change, these are the same people who stand to profit on this opportunity.

Former Vice President Al Gore is not only the Pope of this 21st century religion but he also has a big piece in a carbon-trading firm with former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, which brings Goldman Sachs to the altar.

A number of former Environmental Protection Agency administrators are also concentrated in the arena where financial markets meet climate change for profits. The same holds true in Europe with their evangelists.

These “Profits of Doom” are looking to take over sovereignty of all first- and second-world economies to roll out the one-world global initiative through their carbon-tax funding.

The fact that President Obama is showing up in Copenhagen climate summit to pledge allegiance to this movement should shake you to the core.

This group of desperate individuals are looking to have a climate treaty signed, which would supercede the US Constitution. Granted it would need to pass the Senate, but I would not want to this issue to be left to the horse trading of our pols.

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One thought on “Greenhouse Gasbags

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