Talking Up & Down The Dollar

With all the talk of dollar’s demise as the globe’s reserve currency you would think it would devalue its worth against other currencies. You would also think that if the dollar is falling due to its trashing by the IMF chief and the World Bank, treasuries and other US notes would sky-rocket on the yield […]

Dead Zone

By MICHAEL GRAY Despite what Ben Bernanke may say about the recession coming to a close, recent events say differently to me. When three murders/suicides occur in one week to well-connected money men, things may be more rotten in Denmark than the statement by King Ben. Finn M.W. Caspersen, 67, former chief executive of the […]

Dollar Daze, Again

By MICHAEL GRAY Fed Chief Ben Bernanke and Treasury boss Tim Geithner tried their best this week to buoy the greenback, but to no avail. As the dollar lost 2 percent on the Dollar Index  this week, despite Geithner’s CNBC roadshow, which did nothing to stop the slide. The index on Friday touched 76.457, the […]

Gold’s Push & Pull

By MICHAEL GRAY Global economies are about to move to next phase of the meltdown. The Trading Bubble that has run the markets up since March is smacking up against the fear trade. Equities moving up on a weakening dollar is not a long-term investment. With the dollar index heading toward 75 stocks will need […]

BofA’s Protection Money

By MICHAEL GRAY Very interesting how Bank of America has come out to say how it MAY pay back a portion of the funds given to it to complete the Merrill Lynch deal at the end of last year. Chief Ken Lewis had no word on when or if the bank could payback its initial […]