No Cap On Trade Profits

By MICHAEL GRAY Will cap and trade be helpful to the environment? No. Will cap and trade be helpful to the monetary environment? Absolutely yes. Cap and trade will be the next bubble to inflate the Wall St. bankers. The basic model used for cap and trade will be that carbon credits will be more […]

Now I’m Really Fed Up

By MICHAEL GRAY Why would the Obama administration propose giving the Federal Reserve additional governmental oversight of the US monetary system? How can we turn over more of Congress’s responsibility to a private banking concern, which has no responsibility to the American people? The Fed answers only to its shareholders, which are the major money-center […]

Now I’m Fed Up

By MICHAEL GRAY The Barrack Obama administration is planning to give Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke regulatory oversight over the banking system and systemic risk. •    The Fed is not a federal agency! •    The Fed is owned by the banks, which it will be charged with regulating! •    The Fed has global mandates, which […]

Breaking The Buck

By MICHAEL GRAY Dollar collapse continues today as Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner speaking in Beijing told his Chinese hosts how the Obama administration was more concerned about its government spending than the China government was. Take a look at the Dollar Index over the last three weeks. Besides the cratering dollar trend, look at the […]