Hey Barack, We’re In. Now What?

By Michael Gray What exactly is Treasury-designate Tim Geithner being told by White House economic guru Larry Summers about the banking bailout plan? Not much from what I hear. Geithner is not in the loop, he has been pushed to the sidelines because of his tax dodging trouble. There is a slight concern in the […]

A Parsons Tale

By Michael Gray I’m taking a victory lap on my January 13th blog entry called “The Dick Parsons Project”: https://mgray12.wordpress.com/2009/01/13/the-dick-parsons-project/ Where I said Win would lose and Parsons would step in to unwind Citigroup. An excerpt follows: Citigroup’s Board of Directors has backed the existing leadership from Win Bischoff to Vikram Pandit, which tells us […]

Citi of Goldman

By Michael Gray Now that the nationalization plan for Citigroup has begun, I believe I have more clarity it what the end game looks like. With yesterday’s good bank/bad bank announcement CEO Vikram Pandit put Fed chief Ben Bernanke’s plan into effect. Not sure if the feds have the guts to pull this off on […]