On Election Day it could be curtains

Given the press reports coming out after the final presidential debate it would appear there is no choice in this election. The headlines and polling data suggest the coronation of Hillary Clinton is just a little over two weeks away. However, I stand by my initial observation that Americans living more than 200 miles from […]

Un-American activities election

Donald Trump wins debate, loses the election. That appears to be the sentiment of the news media. I’m a bit lost over the brouhaha over the comment that Trump said he would let us know if he accepted the election results. It’s un-American, appears to be the sentiment on Trump’s comment. Yet neither side accepted […]

What’s the next shoe to drop in Wikileaks blackout?

So this is what I am hearing from a source on the shutting down of Julian Assange’s internet connection. Wikileaks uploaded some files one of which was a video, which showed Hillary Clinton behaving badly. The leaked video and two to three other files were then blocked by a “state party” from being uploaded through […]

Campaign of fears, tears and jeers

I have to say this Presidential election has me so fatigued. The daily (sometimes hourly) releases of dirt on the candidates, using proxies to deliver the smear, is disheartening for me and I assume for most of the voters who follow this “campaign of fears”. Both Trump and Clinton have so many negatives piling up […]

Another banker skips jail, collects $200M

Wells Fargo Chairman and CEO John Stumpf was allowed by the board to retire immediately late yesterday ending a month-long standoff between him and the bank over running a bogus sales operation. Under Stumpf the bank opened more than 2 million sham savings accounts and credit cards, all the while profiting by telling Wall Street […]