Will bond market Trump historic stock run up?

Thursday I wrote about how the stock market’s move higher seem out of proportion to where the US and global economies are. In the first 30 days after the election the S&P 500 is up 5% the best stock index move ever after a presidential election. The Dow Jones index is up 7% over the […]

Investors flock, while leaders flee

I’m having a difficult time figuring out what the markets see, that I don’t. Yes we have President-elect Donald Trump coming into office in 6 weeks or so. The perception of regulation easing and increased infrastructure spending have many sectors soaring. But we have other heads of state running for the exits this week: Italy, New […]

Monte Paschi looking for a bailout

The Italian government is working on state bailout for Monte dei Paschi di Siena as the troubled bank teeters following Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s decision to quit, according to Reuters reports. Monte Paschi must raise $5.4 billion by the end of December to avert the risk of being shuttered. Italy is likely to pump government […]

Hmmm, global markets say ciao to Italeave

Italian voters on Sunday rejected constitutional changes backed by the government, prompting Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to announce his resignation and handing populists a victory in the heartland of Europe. Despite this seemingly  disastrous news for the future of the euro, global markets moved higher. The euro is slightly stronger on Monday, with global stocks rallying […]

Deutsche’s $60M offer to gold traders for manipulating prices

Isn’t it curious that Deutsche Bank would file a $60 million settlement in its gold price manipulation lawsuit on a Friday night? That is the perfect time for it not to get much notice in the media. Well that is just what the troubled bank did last night. Deutsche has agreed to pay $60 million […]