Deutsche chief Cryan sees “fatal consequences”

Deutsche Bank chief John Cryan fired his latest salvo not at his usual target Mario Draghi and the ECB, but directly to the German people. The chairman of the largest European bank told the press in a passion plea that if the ECB continues its negative interest rate policies, it could led to  “fatal consequences” […]

Did Deutsche knock on ECB door for cup of cash?

Had two calls from institutional traders late Monday afternoon saying they heard rumors that Deutsche Bank had gone to European Central Bank to get a loan to fund overnight operations. A call into DB’s NYC office said they knew nothing of that, but said that action would come from the German HQ, not NYC. The […]

Germany issues achtungs for its citizens

The curtain is beginning to be pulled back on  the horrendous shape most government balance sheets look as the global economy is about to hit the decade mark of zero growth and deficit spending. The German central bank has recommended that the retirement age be raised to 69 years old for the countries youngest workers. […]

Ben-Artzi sheds light on Deutsche Bank suicides

Deutsche Bank’ whistleblower Eric Ben-Artzi sheds new light on the nefarious bookkeeping within the bank and a possible motive for two allege suicides within the bank. Ben-Artzi uncovered a tens of billions of dollar shortfall in how the German uber bank priced the derivatives sitting on the books just after the market crashed in 2009. […]

Hedgies gloom and doom seems a little early

Why are so many “names” on Wall Street coming out publicly to say the end is neigh? As hedge funds filed their second quarter holdings with the SEC, the funds have 45 days to file so that is why it is news now, many like Carl Icahn are saying that the stock is market is […]